The Simplest Thing

Esto es una historia que presenté este año (2006) a un concurso de relato corto de la Escuela de Oficial de Idiomas. La verdad es que la primera idea era escribir algo para practicar y de paso presentarlo sin ningún tipo de pretensión pero al final por lo visto quedé de finalista. El relato que ganó era este “An unexpected turn” y por lo visto (según me dijo mi profesora) estuvimos parejos hasta el final. El caso es que sin comerlo ni beberlo casi gano con una chorrada de historia y por eso merece creo que merece la pena que la ponga por aquí. Disfrutad de ella.

The Simplest Thing

He decided that day was the day. He had been thinking about it for very long thinking on it and now he was sure that was the moment. He moved early, like every morning. He would go to work with the same ilusion as every day. Why? Simple. She worked with him.

Five days a week he wished to arrive at the building and salute her with his best smile. He could tell her something about her hair or her clothes: she was like an angel and he enjoyed each word, each breath and each movement of hers And he was sure that this situation was going to change soon because he had taken a decision.

The decision that he had taken had a reason. Normally, we don’t think about the simplest things because they seem insignificant; however, when we realize one of them, something magic happens and suddenly all change. For instance: last weekend, on Sunday, he went to eat to a friend’s house. His friend, an old friend from his student years, had a girlfriend who sometimes spent weekends living with him (this relationship was relatively new, but they made a good couple and they actually love each other a lot). Well, when our boy was going back home he took his jacket, that was in the bedroom, and he saw a beautiful thing; a simple but beautiful thing: her pyjama was over the pillow, next to his friend’s pyjama. This silly thing was enough to shake old memories that were stored in the deepest part of his brain.

In a few seconds he traveled to the past and he remembered his last relationship. He was with a girl for five years, and when all seemed to be well she became crazy and without any apparent reason she stood him up. During the next year, he was depressed and he spent the worst moments in his life. Many times, while he was lying on his bed he missed his girlfriend’s head on his chest. Other times he woke up searching her next to him but he never found anything. Finally, many things helped him to raise his head. Probably a change of city helped but, above all, what helped him was the fact of starting work in a new place, meet old freinds, know new people and know her.

Ok, returning to the story with our protagonist in the middle of the bedroom with his eyes watching the infinity, he realized that it was the perfect moment to finally bury old phantoms and lead his life to another port. In that just moment, he wanted a pyjama next to his. He wanted to wake up at night and see her on his side and he wanted to enjoy the smell of her hair. And he knew that this was the moment to take the first step. Now, he only had to think in the way to reach his purpose. That night, he was thinking about the way of inviting her to go out. At the begining, he thought that the best option was to go to have dinner; after that a better idea was to go to the cinema and finally, after a lot of hours of rolling up and down on his bed, he fell deeply asleep and when the alarm clock woke him up with its noisy sound, he realized that he didn’t have any idea about what he could tell her.

No problem, he had fifteen minutes to think while he was driving to work. He was very nervous and he almost had a crash. When he passed through the entry, he saw her there, like all mornings, and he easily went towards her. In that moment, his brain was working hard and he started to sweat and his face turned red. Suddenly, the office was too hot and he kept on approaching her. What was he going to say? He would start with a joke and then he would tell her to go out at night or he would see her eyes and then…

– Eih Mike! What’s happened? You have been five minutes watching me and smiling like a fool, are you ok?
– Oh, err, yes, no, hum… No, I was only seeing your haircut. It’s new, isn’t it?
– No, yesterday my haircut was the same as today.
– Oh! You look very pretty…
– The boss is waiting for you, you are late!!
– Ah, thanks. See you!

Well. Only twenty minutes before he thought that it was going to be a good day, and in a few seconds he spoiled it all. Ok, finally, he thought that it’s probably that the simplest things aren’t important and he really didn’t need a pyjama near to his because his life wasn’t too bad, was it?

He worked all day and when he went back home he searched a reason or a simple thing that motivated him. But, each time that you search this kind of things, you realize that it isn’t easy because those simplest things are in all sites but they only show themselves in the apropiate moment, never before it and never when you need them.

  1. Llestat dice:

    Hey boy!
    Take a look at where all the inheritance of papa’s mind is now!! Oh boy, it’s amazing. You are a genious. Don’t you know that what you made is really dificult? If I tried to do it, I’d be sure that I need thousands of hours and a lot of neurons to get a story like that.
    Yeah brother, it’s amazing. I really admire you. I hope that someday you publish your own book, like dad did years ago.
    Why don’t you print this one and the translation, and show it to the family (if you haven’t done yet).
    Well, that’s all, see you soon and congratulations.

    A huge embrace, L.

  2. buarever dice:

    No está mal, me ha gustado, ¿qué daban de premio?. Me ha gustado como hilas la historia el relato es bueno, tienes madera de escritor :D. Bueno a ver si te desatas y escribes más cosas. Un abrazo.

  3. porta dice:

    Hey!! You did it!! To move is always a hard thing!!

    Congratulations for your tale. We have a poet at home and we don’t know it!!

    By the way, i’ll go to there tomorrow, ok? You don’t miss me 🙂 and enjoy!! Bye.

    PD: Sorry for my english 😉

  4. Simón dice:

    Very good one! Even when I had the feeling that I already knew what you were telling, I really enjoyed your story.
    ¡ Enhorabuena, Fran !

  5. gervarela dice:

    Iba a responder en italiano, pero todavía no me veo capacitado, asi lo que dejaré en un:

    Complimenti Fran! Una storia meravigliosa. 😉

    Nos vemos el jueves :P.


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